2006 Hyundai Sonata



January, 15, 2010 AT 6:25 PM

Engine Performance problem
2006 Hyundai Sonata 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 76500 miles

My son's car will sometimes lose power while driving. It doesn't die, but it won't accelerate. He pulls to the side of the road, turns it off and then back on again and it works fine. When it happens the check engine light comes on and after he turns it off and back on again, the check engine light goes off.


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March, 2, 2010 AT 12:50 PM

I have a 2006 Sonata limited V6. I have experienced a similar problem. It happens intermittently. When I am passing, I accelerate the engine revs (as if it is in neutral) and there is no acceleration and in most cases the check engine light comes on. This has been happening several times between 30,000 and 71,000 miles. I have taken it to the dealer each time. They replace a sensor, wire harness, or other component and claim it has been fixed. It keeps happening.

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