2004 Hyundai Santro Idle and stalling sensation-Lack of pow


Engine Performance problem
2004 Hyundai Santro 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 52339 miles

I am at a situation where the registered Hyundai Service Center has no answer to my problem.

1) Car idles non uniformly. Erratic vibration felt in gear stick and steering wheel
2) Steering shudders in first gear when it moves from halt but not felt when in high gear and moving at fair speed. When cold the shuddering is not felt though.

Clutch age less than a year
3) With suddenly change in throttle there is hesitation-the response after changing gear is not immediate-its a bit

4) When ac is switched on sometimes there is a stalling sensation when moving -felt more in gear stick when

changing gears
5) The overall pick up of car is less-pinging sound more in first gear when car moves from halt.
6) At idle when I raise the throttle at the engine compartment the engine starts shaking when the throttle is wide open. There is no shake until I raise the throttle to a threshold point after which this shake happens
7) At high throttle at idle there is a breaking sound at the silensor.
8) sometimes there is cold starting problems-car starts but strange metallic sound is heard- This does not happen all the time
9) SOmetimes there is a slight delay in starting after turning ignition key.
10) when clutch is release there is a thud sound felt-normally in the morning the thud sound is not felt but
after running for sometime the thud sound of clutch release is felt.

The following things were changed during and after engine work:

1) Radiator assy
2)Engine Assy
3) Gasket -oil plug
4)gasket-liquid engine
5)gasket-oil seal case
6)seal-oil RR
8)Bearing pair set-Crank Shaft
10)Plug Assy-Spark
13)Filter Assy-Engine Oil
14)Hose-Water Inlet
15)Fitting-Coolant Inlet
16)Hose-Radiator to Reservoir
17)Insulator-Radiator MTG LWR
19)Belt- Valve Timing
21)Sproket-Crank Shaft
22)Crank Shaft
23)Bearing pair-c\rod
24)Ring Set-Piston-1 no.
25)Gasket-Rocker cover-1 no.
26)Gasket-Cylinder Head-1 no.
27)Seal-Valve stem
28)sensor-crankshaft position
29) spark plug wires
30) TP sensor
31) Engine mounts-Front and right
32) Ignition COil
33) Flywheel
34)lifter assy tail gate

The sensors are all fine says the technician but still the above problems exists. They are suspecting that the wire harness are weak and thinking of replacing the entire wiring system of the car

Please advise what may be going wrong.

some self observed findings: Car runs fine at low fuel -may not be a problem with fuel pump pressure. Idling improves when oil is treated woth injector cleaner.
When I start the car first in morning at idle if I put my hand in the exhaust pipe the smoke is absolutely continous(no jerk of smoke felt) but after a while the smoke comes out with a uniform jerk felt on palm

TEch says idle speed sensor, map sensor are fine as they replaced my car with other car sensor and there was no improvement observed.
they changed exhaust pipe completely but no change observed.
They change the entire throttle body no change observed

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, September 16th, 2010 AT 12:53 PM

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