2004 Hyundai Santa Fe



October, 7, 2010 AT 10:29 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Where is the fuel filter on the santa fe 2004 4 cyl
I was told its in the tank on the pump, if so can I replace the filter without having to replace the pump also?


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October, 7, 2010 AT 10:41 AM

You have a in tank fuel pump with a, " Screen sock" type filter.
There is always a filter before the pump and in the case of drop ins, the filter can only be replaced when the tank is dropped, fuel pump removed and then the filter can be replaced.
It is designed for the life of the vehicle and I have seen plenty of them go well past 200,000 miles without issue.

Let me know if I can help you out any more.



October, 7, 2010 AT 1:22 PM

The car starts and runs for a few seconds then sounds like it wont get any fuel to it and stops, the crankshaft sensor was replaced last week, could it maybe have something to do with that, I can replace the pump but not really sure if that is the problem.



October, 7, 2010 AT 3:38 PM

The best way to track down this type of problem is by process of elimination. Unfortunateley, there are a lot of variables that could be causing the issue. Not to worry, it will just take some patience and following a problem elimination plan that makes sense and you keep track of.

I know it sounds dumb to keep track of stuff, but I find it helpful because I can pick back up where I left off easier when I do this.

So far, it sounds like at least the pump is working and the pump relay is at least giving the pump the prime signal. The prime signal is sent from the relay as soon as you turn the key to the ignition on position to pressurize the sytem to start the motor. Electrical parts can be tricky if they are in the process of failing. They will get hot, behave in unexpected ways that you might not expect, work intermitantly and keep working sometimes for a while before they completely fail. I mention all of this because it is too early to rule out anything completely. Also, I would hate to see you take the time and spend the money on a pump when it could be something else.

With all of that said.

The next time you start your vehicle, pull the plugs and see if they are wet. Also take note of the color. A brownish red is normal. Let me know what you find.

One step at a time and you will figure this one out.

I will check back soon and see how things are going and it will hopefully be cheaper and easier than replacing the pump.

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