RPM Revving Too High After Releasing Gas Pedal


2005, Hyundai- Sonata. Mileage: 69,306. This car has been well taken care of and has its normal 5,000 oil change (mobile 1 synthetic) 15,000 mi fuel system cleaning and routine maintenance. It has a new replacement OEM automatic transmission which was replaced at 29,200 mi (replaced about a year ago). Anyways, just today while driving I had noticed for the first time, that the RPM gauge was revving slightly higher after when I had released the gas pedal at 35-45 MPH. It almost felt like when you are down shifting to soon from a higher gear to a lower one. I also heard a sound I believe to be coming from the transmission the same time the RPM jumped. I then inspected the transmission oil and its still bright red and don’t have that burnt smell, which indicates that the oil is still good. There has been no check engine light after problem occured, but it has been serviced for that last year for a malfunction sensor. I use a K&N filter for my vehicle and inspected it, and discovered that it was very dirty. I use nothing but a 91 octane gasoline for my car from Chevron, and problem didn’t start until after my fill up. Could these be part of the problem? Although I well maintain my vehicle, I tend to drive a little hard on it and especially accelerate hard sometimes. This problem has not existed prior than today (July 4th). Tomorrow I am going to have the fuel injectors cleaned (last serviced at 56,925 mi…now 69,306 which is approx 12,381mi later) I have described everything to the best of my knowledge and would appreciate any input in what might be the cause of the problem. Thank You. ~Tim

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Thursday, July 5th, 2007 AT 3:13 AM

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