My Accent is possessed!

I have a 1995 4 door accent which I purchased on Ebay with 59600 miles on it in June of 2004 and used it through college. The car ran great until January of 2006 when it developed a mind of its own. The car will run fine most of the time but sometimes it will not crank. If I leave it and come back in a couple of hours generally it will crank. Sometimes when its acting like it will not crank and finally does after spending a minute or two trying to crank it. It acts like it almost wants to backfire. But really never does and just starts up. When there is a change in the weather like a cold front or it has been storming for a few days I have noticed seemingly
is the time that this happens. I know it doesnt have a distrubtor but the part that does distribute power was replaced in Feb of 2006 just to make sure it wasnt the problem. It never gives me any kind of trouble once it is running. So I assume I can rule out the fuel pump.I have had 3 mechanics look at it and the problem lies in that most of the time when I have it towed to them by the time they look at it later on in the afternoon it starts.I apologise for my ignorance I am not very car savy at all and my lack of knowledege is truely infinite when it comes to the mechanics of a motor vehicle. Anyone ever have anything even remotely like this or does my car truely have a mind of its own. Thank you in advance for any advice or direction that you guys can point me in.

Also upon further inspection by another mechanic which was able to see it when it wasnt working there is no power to the fuel injectors when it does decide not to work. So it just turns over and over and over but never does start. Just a bit more added info incase anyone has any idea what is wrong.

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Monday, January 22nd, 2007 AT 1:27 PM

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Replace the EFI relay.
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Monday, January 22nd, 2007 AT 1:38 PM

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