Hesitation and missing


My Car Details
Hyundai Accent Tornado GTX 1.6
Make 2001
Kms 60000
Manual Transmission

Recent Service
1. Changed spark plug 4 nos
2. Fuel Injector cleaned
3. Decarbonisation done
4. Fuel Pump cleaned
5. Idle speed Actuator cleaned
6. Hi Scan check-up
7. Air filter cleaned
8. All electrical and general check up in quaterly service

Parts charged
1. Gasket-ISC Actuator 1 no
2. Spark plugs 4 nos
3. Air Filter
4. Gasket
5. Fuel filter
6. Oil filter
7. Engine oil

After this service the car was running in excellent condition for 10 days. Then the condenser fan was burnt and was replaced. After a few days iam facing the following problem

Even in Idle the car is missing intermittently. When in idle the accelerator is pressed immediately it hesitates and then the acceleration becomes smoothens again. When the accelerator is kept pressed at higher RPM, in between there is missing.

The same scene is also there at the time of actual driving.

The missing increases in running as well as in idle when AC is on and it is less when AC is off


The Hyundai authorised service centre is asking to replace the Fuel Pump, but are not guarantying the problem will be solved. More ever when they have done all the high scan, cleaned the fuel pump, decarbonized, cleaned the injector, changed the spark plugs etc, then why only in 10 days the fuel pump is asked to be changed

When I showed the car to my private mechanic, he says this not the fuel pump problem but ignition coil is showing defective and needs to be changed.

Please guide me as to what I need to do and oblige

Waiting for your reply


Atul Raniwala


Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, August 6th, 2007 AT 4:16 AM

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