2009 Hyundai Atos



June, 9, 2010 AT 11:18 AM

2009 Hyundai Atos 4 cyl unknow miles

We recently International rented a bottom economy Hyundai Atos. No power windows, no CD. We lost the key. They brought us the spare key(ignition, doors etc). They are now charging us $700 for a 2nd spare key to be made.I feel this is outrageous. Local Hyundai say this model not sold in US but bottom line US is the Accent which they said is not a chip key and should not cost over $15-$20 to replace. Can you research to see on this model whether it is a chip key and if the ignition and the locks all have to be replaced. I have tried emailing India and have not received a reply back. Hopeful, Joyce and Thanks

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