Rattling noise when braking in 2nd gear


I am driving an Acura Vigor GS 1993, Manual Transmission with 170,000km. The problem occurs when I am in the 2nd gear and hit the brake, a rattling sound appears as if things are dragging on the ground or even breaking. I also have a problem shifting into the 2nd gear, there seems to be a short vibration when I shift from the 1st to the 2nd, but the shifting becomes better after the car gets warm when driving. I would appreciate if you could direct me towards the problem that I have with my Acura, and suggest what I should do to fix it. In addition to that, I seem to be loosing some Power Steering fluid. I realized that when I spotted stains on my parking lot. I checked the fluid container and it was below the lower level. The engine is dry, and it’s only the metal floor that’s underneath that is wet from the fluid. Could you also point out where the leak might be coming from, and what has to be replaces. Thank You very much, your time is greatly appreciated!

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Sunday, April 23rd, 2006 AT 4:03 AM

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