My 89 Integra LS 2 door

  • 1989 HONDA
My baby has alot of problems.

she is 17 years old now and when I got her, 6 years ago, she didnt even run. Its an 89 integra ls 2 door 1.6L with 177000 miles. The body is in fair condition and the sun roof doesnt leak, lol.

i have had mechanics look at it and they say the head gasket and the oil pan gasket have gone bad. I think I can see where the head gasket is leaking, and I can see where the oil pan is leaking, but I never find any spots on my driveway so, I dont know if its a current leak or if its just burned on oil. I plan on cleaning the engine with enginebright one of these days and finding out. Is this an easy problem to fix?

i rebuilt the exhaust and when I started it up, I was revving it to 7k rpm to see how loud she is and oil started "pouring" out the tail pipe. It had never done that before, and it doesnt do that now. Sometimes it burns 2 quarts of oil per tank of gas, sometimes it barly burns 1/2 quart, it seems to vary on how often it is driven (mostly every day). Would this be a problem with my rings? Should I have it fixed?

the thermostat on the heater inside the vehicle seems to be stuck on hot, and it fogs up ALL the time when its cold, even with rainx anti-fog.

The lights on the front end dont go up and down anymore so I have them up, and I pulled the fuse to keep them from draining the battery. Does this cause alot of wind resistance? If it does, I need to fix it.

im just curious on these few things, she is getting old, and I want to keep her for another 100000 miles. Also the check engine light comes on at random, mostly when I down shift. I cant plug it into the computer so I dont know what the code is. Any sugguestions?

sorry to overload you with questions, I just love this car alot. (My wife thinks im nuts, lol.)
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Friday, January 13th, 2006 AT 3:50 PM

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Check the PCV valve. The fog on the windshield could be the heater core
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 AT 5:06 PM

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