January, 15, 2007 AT 9:41 PM

1998 Honda two door. Windows will bind and then come out of the tracks. I pull off the door panel, loosen both tracks to reinstall the glass, then reassemble. Tracks are lined with rubber which seems to get stiff/hard in the cold. It has been suggested that the rubber may be getting dry and to use graphite/lithium grease/cooking oil/Sun of a Gun to lubricate or restore. Any suggestions as to the best rubber lubricant when rubbing against the glass? Is this really the cause or is there another problem?


1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

January, 16, 2007 AT 10:04 AM

That is generally the problem. I have experienced it and I find that a spray or two of Armour-All on the track on both sides of the window works fine. You need to let it work in and try it again with another light coat. About once or twice a year I would hit it again and that has resolved the problem for atleast 5 years now.

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