December, 28, 2006 AT 4:54 PM

I did get help for my early message. What I did check compression test and find out 1, 2, and 4 has similar pressure 152 but 3 has 90. Now I need help what should I do? Should I go change whole engine?Car has 265000 miles already?I haven't change pcv valve yet but it isn't so hard I can do it tomorrow. My main problem was oil was linking from air filter?Back flow from engine breathing tube. Thank You for help

1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

December, 29, 2006 AT 2:03 AM

What is linking? Do you mean leaking? That compression difference is significant, but I would not bail on the engine yet. I would watch the way the engine behaves, keep check on the oil consumption, occasionally check the plug in the weak cylinder.

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