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I have a 95 honda civic. Recently I started having a idle problem. I would go to start the car and it would shoot to 2000rpms Check engine light wiill come on and stay there. If I go to drive it will not let me go past 3500rpms or the car would start to buck. I have checked for vaccum leaks, nothing. Checked my TPS and adjust to factory. Still have the problems. But it is weird, because I can go get in the car have no problems drive it for say 40 miles. Then get back in it after work. And the problem will be there. I'm at a loss.
This has gone on for awhile. Now just the other night I had the problem. So I had to drive it home. So I drive it and when I get to normal engine temp. And then seating at a stop light idle at 2000rpms. It just drops to normal idle. But when this problem doesn't occur the CEL will be gone. I can't find the test ports to read the codes.

Thursday, September 14th, 2006 AT 1:34 PM

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