2001 Honda Odyssey



August, 15, 2009 AT 9:40 AM

Transmission problem
2001 Honda Odyssey 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles

Should I replace the transmission or get rid of the car? Does a rebuilt transmission last?

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August, 31, 2009 AT 10:12 PM

Well. Here is my story. I realized a little over a year ago that my transmission had to be replaced. I went to a local honda repair shop that I used in previous years for used hondas and he quoted me a price of $2400 for a rebuilt tranny. The van had about 130,000 miles on it, and I really didn't want to buy a another car. Yet. So I went to my Honda dealership for a second opinion. They quoted me the same price, BUT they told me that the particular problem I had with my tranny was the same one that was part of the 2001 Oddy tranny recall. I asked if there was a chance if I could still be covered? They said no due to age and mileage (had to have under 100k miles). BUT they said I could call Honda customer service and plead my case. It was helpful that I had all major services done at the dealership. So I called them, filed a case, and about 1.5weeks later, I get a phone call from Honda saying they would go half-way with me on the cost of the rebuilt tranny. Which brought the cost down to $1200. Knowing I wanted to hold on to the car for a while longer (still have it -- getting ready to hit 146,000 miles), I spent the $1200. NOW beyond that. I contend that the rebuilt tranny sometimes doesn't seem to shift as 'nice' or smooth as the original (when it was good, but it could just be my imagination), but I haven't had any problems with it. I still hope to squeeze another year out of her. That van has been good to me.

So. I guess the moral of the story is, see if you can lobby Honda for some help to defray the cost. I got all the details and phone numbers from my dealer. It may make it worth your while to keep your Oddy a little longer.



November, 19, 2012 AT 9:25 PM

I have a 2001 Odyssey and have had the transmission replaced 4 times with 1 more currently pending. To date all repairs have been done by our local Honda Dealer. Honda replaced the 1st one at 30K under the original warranty, they replaced the second one at 70K under our extended warranty, we paid for the 3rd and 4th ones at 120K and 152K. We are now at 217K, longest run to date and Honda has refused to offer any help. My arguement to them is that they keep selling me a defective transmission and their response was that they warranty them for 36K and I respond that they fail shortly after that in my experience. I told them that we had 17 Hondas in the drive way 2 years ago between us and relatives and that would change dramaticly. They didn't care. We had 4, now 2 with one in the shop for that faulty transmission. We have replacing them with new cars bought from their competition. I won't buy another Honda and I was one of their biggest supporters.

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