1987 Honda CRX


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July, 11, 2009 AT 1:09 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
1987 Honda CRX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 200000 miles

Hi I bought a 1987 Honda crx with a D16A6 engine with 200km on car. I have had the car for about 1 year and no prier history of the car befor that. I just started working on it not know what the deal was so
When first attempting to start the car it would not respond, so I installed a new battery and tried again. It took some time but it finally started to run really rough at about no more than 300 rpms but would eventually die.I would try to give it lost of gas but really has no effect and would die. In order for the car to keep on running I would have to keep pumping the gas pedals a little, but even then car does not exceed 300 rpms and struggling to stay alive. It does seem to make a popping sound from exhaust once in a while. So my question is what is making the car run at such low rpms and what do I need to do inorder to bring the engine back up to operating range?


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January, 17, 2010 AT 1:33 PM

Try adjusting the idle speed?

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