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February, 23, 2009 AT 8:40 AM

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Honda CRV 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 113000 miles

For the last month I have been having issues with my clutch. It started with the clutch loosing pressure to the point that it was almost on the floor. I was told to try and bleed the slave cylinder. That didn't work so I took it to a garage and they replaced the master cylinder. When I got the car back, the petal felt really had to push down, but I thought nothing of it. The car worked fine for a day and then I drove to the store and when I came back out to drive to work, I could not put the car into gear. There was pressure on the petal but the car would not shift into gear when on. I could put it into gear when the car was off. So I took it back to a garage. They bleed the line and readjusted the petal (it wasn't adjusted correctly initally) and said I should be good to go. A couple days later, my clutch started to slip. I took the car back and got the whole clutch and slave cylinder replaced. The lines were not replaced. Car drove fine for a couple of days and then I felt the clutch pedal start to get more pressure. Eventaully the same thing happened. I got into my car and went to drive and I could not put the car into gear. The clutch petal felt harder to press down. The only way I have found to get it so I can drive my car home is to open up the slave clyinder valve which releives the pressure in the clutch petal and I am able to drive for a couple days. Could there be a problem with the line or is it maybe a bad master cylinder?


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February, 28, 2009 AT 8:09 AM

Hi kpawlak,

The symptom description indicates a faulty master cylinder or its push rod to pedal clearance is improperly adjusted. Some people have the habit of resting their foot on the clutch pedal while driving, that would cause the problem as well.

Another possibility is a damaged flexible hose, it is preventing fluid from returning and after driving, the fluid heats up and clutch self applies resulting in the clutch slipping.



December, 10, 2013 AT 7:01 PM

I have a 2001 CRV se with the same problem. The clutch start to feel soft. No pressure or resistance when pressing it ask drive going up hill. I recently had the master / slave cylinder changed and it felt better for a day or so. I also had the clutch plate replaced. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

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