1998 Honda Civic



January, 7, 2007 AT 11:44 AM

It basically started as soon as the new year hit. My wipers will turn on automattically 1/8 the way up the windshield, stop, turn on again, maybe half way up the windshield now and stop. Then turn on fully. Reset at the normal position. Then repeat the process. Sometimes they'll do a full swipe once or twice. Reset at normal positition. Then advance up the windshield again. It might be coincidence, but it almost seems this happens whenever I hit a small bump. Loose wiring? A short? The rest of the wiper controls work fine, slow, fast, just the extra beat in there on intermittant setting. Please help. Thank you.

1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

January, 7, 2007 AT 5:23 PM

I would check out the intermitent wiper relay or the switch itself. In a maintenance repair manual there are some tests to figure out which is causing you the problem. I would give you more but I am not gifted with the knowledge of the wiring on that model.

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