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I just changed my timing belt/ water pump in my 1996 honda civic 4 door lx single over head cam. Everything went fine, test drive went ok. Got home and tried to charge the A/C system with the AUTOZONE kit (cheap gauge and a can of R-134). As soon as the system started to pressurize I could hear leaks so I stopped. A few hours later I took the car out and it wasn't running right. The rpm seems to surge- not very noticable but when you turn the lights on you can see the lights get dim and bright- not a lot though. With the car in park, you step on the gas, the speedometer jumps 20, 50 mph. (Yes I know the difference between a tach and a speedo) I thought I might be a tooth off so I broke down the front of the engine aligned all the marks checked and rechecked, took the belt off, aligned the marks, turned the engine over by hand, and rechecked the marks. Adjusted the timing again. Same symptoms. Then I thought maybe I did something after the test drive. Maybe the A/C compressor was starting to go and when I treid to charge the system it did something (compressor starting to bind up?) So I took the A/C belt off. Same symptoms. The car is charging at about 1300-1350 volts at idle. I checked as many connectors in the engine bay as I could (in case I put something on top of it and it pulled a wire or pulled a connector apart. Vaccum lines are good even the one going to the cruise control. I'm not someone who does not have a clue what he is doing, but I am having a lot of trouble diaging this. There are trouble codes but I don't have a scantool, and the codes that are coming up from the engine light I do not have in my book. I have gone over my work again and again and cannot find an explaination for this. I am stummped.
After all that work the initial reason I did the timing belt- I don't know when it was last done and it sounded like a loose/stretched timing belt. It still makes just as much noise as when I started.

Friday, June 23rd, 2006 AT 1:58 PM

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I was able to pull 3 codes using the flashing check engine light. 2, 41, and 65. The only one I know is 41 and that is Oxygen sensor heater. I don't know what 2 and 65 are.

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Saturday, June 24th, 2006 AT 11:25 AM

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