Radiator leak, bad thermostat, overheating, etc


I have a 1991 Civic Hatchback with 148,000 miles. Replaced timing belt, water pump at 118,000. New radiator in Dec 03. Got about 8 miles from home, temp needle went to "hot", heater blowing cold air. Went 2.5 miles, check engine light came on. Stopped car immediately. Had it towed to dealership. Diagnosis: Hole in bottom of radiator due to road debris? Replace thermostat, all hoses, adjust valves, timing belt is stretched? Due to excessive heat? Is this possible. Estimate for repairs have gone from $750 to $1800 in 24 hours. I have done regular maintenance and repairs on this car. Very careful driver. It did not blow the head gaskit. When I stopped, I popped the hood. The engine/hood did not feel hot. No popping or crackling from the engine. The radiator was empty.

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006 AT 6:45 PM

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