Idle-AC problem


I have got a Honda civic hatchback with over 180,000 miles on the body. The enigine in the car is from a 1994-95 honda del-sol it is a B-16 A DOHC 1.6 liter. It has 50.000 miles on the engine itself. Just to get this outi n the open the guy that did the engine swap was a complete moron. My car idles at 3,000 RPM's when starting over a course of of maybe 5-10 minutes it slowly idles back down to 2. I recently had my AC fixed it had a leak and when I turn the AC on the idle goes down to 2 or 1.5 RPMs. My car has a button for the AC to turn off and on. I tried having the heater on with the AC butoon and it it still calms the idle. My mechnic has looked for vacum leaks tested the throttle body and the throttle postioning sensor and also replaced the O2 sensor. He is confused and so am I. : The Honda dealer in my area they are not the brightest people to deal with I explained the situation like I have here and they had my appointment down for transmission replacement. If you know any ideas or suggestions please let me know. Thanks

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Friday, August 25th, 2006 AT 2:19 AM

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