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1995 Honda Civic EX, 223,000 miles, engine is a 1.6L D16Z6. On 8/08/07 it was a very hot day, with temperatures in my area reaching 100 +. When my A/C was cranked all the way up, my car was hesitating when I tried to accelerate. If I turned the A/C down (not off) the problem was gone. If I turned the A/C off the problem was gone. Later on the same day (when it was cooler outside) the problem was not there at all even with the A/C system running full speed.

On 08/09/07 There was no problem all day and the car was accelerating as normal even with the A/C all the way up, but at around 9:00 pm there was a sound like a rattle coming from the engine in the drive belt area even when the A/C was turned off. The rattle is slightly amplified when the A/C is turned on. The belts look okay, and nothing that can be seen seems to be loose. The car does not hesitate or stall when accelerating, and hasn't since the 1 day (08/08/07) it was very hot. The car seems to be running fine and I can't see any obvious problem under the hood, but I need to find this loud rattle. Obviously there is a problem somewhere.

The timing belt along with the water pump were replaced approximately 3 months ago, and the car also had a tune up at the same time. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Thursday, August 9th, 2007 AT 11:46 PM

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On the compressor pulley is a clutch. I would start there.
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Friday, August 10th, 2007 AT 9:17 AM

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