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My mum's boyfriend owns a 1996 Honda Civic LSi Coupe. Not to be confused with the 1996-2000.
This car was made from 1994-1996, this is a late model. The car is an American Import (as I am from Britain). A while back the exhaust started rattling. He removed the rattling which happened to be the heat sheilds. Now about a week later, the car started making the same sound. He got underneath the car and removed YET ANOTHER HEAT SHEILD! Now he is very mecanicly minded but yet this still worries me. Underneath the car you can see the fuel lines, although protected by a metal casing, i'm not convinced. The car has been driving without the heat sheilds for months now and nothing has happened. I just wanted confermation that it won't damage the car *or us!*.

[/u]Question 2:

The car has been used by my mother recently. As women do, she drove the car with the handbrake on, doing about 70 on the moterway. My mums boyfriend was in another car behind her at the time and he tells me he smelt a strong smell, like the car he was in was on fire. So as she comes off the motorway, she puts her foot on the brake but the pedel its the floor. Luckily she manages the lift the handbrake another few clicks, bringing the car to a halt. Aparantly the brake fluid was bubbling *as in boiling* The Brakes work fine now but I didn't know if this would cause damage to the brakes.

Now i'm only fifteen and I want this car to be alive when I pass my test. *Which isn't 16 like america* I want to make this car last three years so i'm just checking to make sure these things won't damage the car.



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Saturday, July 1st, 2006 AT 1:23 PM

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