Brake problems

1991 Honda Civic 4WD Station Wagon

The problem I'm having is when the car is off the brake pedal builds pressure and it seems to operate normally, however when the car is started the brake pedal goes limp and drops to the floor with very little resistance. After an inspection I found that the vaccum hose for the brake booster was broken and I had a hole in my front left brake hose.

I replaced the brake hose and the vaccum hose.

I have replaced the master cylinder and it was prepped properly before installation.

The problem still persists. Before I spend $60 on a new power booster I'd like to see what advice I can get. I called a local tire shop and they gave me the order in which I was to bleed the brakes. The front right and both rear brakes are good but the front left seems to have constant air bubbles. I've put over 50 ounces of brake fluid and there's still some air coming out with the fluid. Any advice would be appreciated. Currently I just replaced the vaccum hose, I have not put the sensor back on in case that was clogged. This car was barely maintained by the previous owner but it has 176,000 miles and it runs like a dream. Thanks!

EDIT: One more thing, the emergency brake light has been on constantly for about 3000 miles. It was driven for probably 1000 miles with a brake fluid leak, I unfortunately worked too much to repair it during that time.
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Sunday, May 14th, 2006 AT 2:26 PM

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