Blowing fuses


I have a 97 civic. It keeps blowing the alternator fuse under the dash. When it does I lose the tach and speedometer plus the check engine light comes on. I took the alternator out and had it test. It tested ok. I put it back in with a new fuse it went about 10 miles and blew the fuse again. I have spent like 2 days checking the wiring to see if I can see a short or if it is rubbing some thing or any thing that would tip me off to the problem. Finally today I got aggressive and put a paper clip in place of the fuse hoping to totally burn where ever the problem is so I could find it. Instead it instantly turned the paper clip glowing red an melted it along with my fingers. So it must have a large dead short some where but only after about 5 minutes of driving or so. Any one else have a problem like this? It acts to me like some thing is turning on automatically and that's what shorts it out. What come on after 5 minutes that could cause a dead short? I'M LOST any suggestions would be a big help. Thanks Mike

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have the same problem?
Saturday, March 10th, 2007 AT 4:07 PM

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