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I have a 99 honda civic dx. It started to back fire and act sluggish and we thought maybe it had bad gas in it so we but good gas and just waited to see if it improved.I was driving home from work and it was doing fine I came off the highway and stoped at a light and I went to excelerate and the car went to 40 then just dropped fast to 20 and below. Well my dad figured it was the ignition module but it wasnt then we changed the ignition coil and the car started and was fine it still back fired a little then went away and I had no problem with it till now it is backfireing and at times its hard and I dont want to keep driving it and be messing something up I have no clue why it backfires. My dad thinks that the coil is going bad but I just got it can u really get a part that goes bad that fast or defective and can the module be bad and need to be chnaged as well? Please help ! :Cry:

Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, July 15th, 2006 AT 2:16 PM

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