99 Honda Civic dx 2dr Blinking drive Indicator on dash

  • 1999 HONDA CIVIC

I have a 1999 Honda Civic dx coupe auto transmission /w 120000 mi.
I am Experiencing Problems when I start my car a second time it blows a fuse, Causing my Check Engine light to light up, speedometer stops reading, my gear in drive indicator starts blinking on the dash and my car will only drive easy in 2nd gear. In 3rd or drive it just revs and drives slow.
I took the car to Midas and they said it might be a Linear solenoid and shift control solenoid valves, and then they really showed uncertainty that it would solve the problem by saying it might fix it no guarantees.
When the fuse is changed it runs fine, until I turn the car off and run it a second time.
Please Help. :(

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, March 6th, 2007 AT 6:56 PM

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