2002 Honda Civic Car not starting no noises.

  • 2002 HONDA CIVIC
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 123,000 MILES
Hi, I recently attempted to install a few very small aftermarket LEDs into the interior of my car. The main power was supposed to be connected to a fuse with constant power in the car using a special fuse adapter. I connected this to the radio fuse in the car. There was a black wire attached to the light also meant to be used as a ground, the instructions stated that the ground is to be attached to the nearest bolt for grounding, I attached the black wire to the bolt in the first picture shown below. I reconnected the battery and turned the car ignition to the first (power only) switch, the wires connected to the bolt sparked a little and it startled me so i turned the power back off. I decided that it was probably normal so I turned it back on. After that the one test light was working and glowing. I decided that all was well and continued to hook up the other three with the negative on the battery disconnected. When i turned the power back on to test the three there was a lot more sparks from where I had attempted to ground all three onto the same bolt that is shown in the picture below.


Smoke started rising so I immediately turned the key to off. I attempted to start the car at this point thinking maybe it was somewhat like last time. My major problem now was that the car is not starting at all. There are no clicking noises or anything. The power to the headlights and overhead lights is on and bright even when trying to turn the key in the ignition all of the lights stay very bright. The turn signals do not work but yet the emergency lights are working. I checked every blade styled fuse in the fusebox and changed a few just in case including the radio fuse that I had originally connected the lights to. The lights have been completely removed and all of the wires have been taken out. If the problem is one of the larger black boxes on the boards I have no idea how to check to see if these are stil ok and I do not know how to change them. My best guess so far has been that something shorted out the solenoid on the starter. However my knowledge is very limited and I am not really sure if i am in the right area. I have included pictures below of the engine and the battery in hopes that someone could point out where the starter is in this car particularly, as i have not been able to follow the battery wires to it successfully. Thanks, Derrick.





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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 AT 12:51 PM

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Use the fuse box cover for location and make sure that fuse is good. In your power distribution center under the hood, locate fuse #6. Check your ELD unit. You also need to check your immobilizer circuit fuse #9

Under the dash, locate fuses #1, #4, #7, #10 and #17.

If you have alarm you need to check these as well.
Under hood #2, #7, #15, #17 and #19. Under dash fuses #15 and #20.
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