2001 Honda Civic Problem Honda Civic 2001 - Please Help

  • 2001 HONDA CIVIC
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 45,000 MILES
Hi everyone,

This is my 1st post, may I say hi to you all!

Hope you had a Merry Xmas & looking forward to a Happy New year!

(& thanks in advance for any info that you help me out with.)

What I have: 2001 5 door, 1.4 automatic Honda civic

*which had light front damage (panels etc now repaired)

Basically I bought this car, as a salvage vehicle partly repaired! With 33k on the clock, Looking like a Bargain I bought it home, as it only looked like it needed an Airbag kit. (Which I have bought Already consiting = 2x front airbags, 2x seat belts pretensioners & the Airbag control module! BUT NOT FITTED YET)

The car is stuck in Limp mode / safety home mode, the check engine light is on along with the airbag light!

when I turn the car on for the 1st 30secs the ecu clicks with the MIL/check engine light flashing, after it performs its self check, the car then goes into limp mode, it is an automatic so it starts holding higher gears, & stops reving over 3000rpm

*within the 30 secs, it runs sweet as a nut! Goes through all the gears, & revs all the way*

I have had it plugged in to 3 different obd2 scanners (& knowing it needs airbags & its control module resetting or changing), But its not reading Any error codes out atall! Which is worrying, Does this always happen to honda's? Or is it just mine? Unfortuntantly the cars not communicating with any OBC II code reader I use?

Now I am thinking if the ecu is working properly or not?

As the code readers work on other cars, expect for mine!

& Does the main car ecu & the airbag control ecu/module need to be programmed TO each other?

Has anyone replaced such parts in a 2001 honda civic (mine is a uk spec)?

or had the same type of problem?

what do I need to do to get it out of Limp mode? IS limp mode even connected to the airbag srs system in anyway?

I am wanting to confirm before I go ahead & fitt the airbags & even have any work done on any of the 2x airbag ecu's I have
dont want them to go off when I turn the car on LOL!

I have only tried to get the codes from the obdII plug, not the paperclip way?
& is there any way to test the airbag ecu in th car 1st without using airbags? (Using the 2ohm resister bridged theory on the airbag plugs & tensioners?)

Thanks alot. Bandoliero

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Hi Bandoliero,

If the scanner cannot communicate with the PCM, the most likey fault is a bad PCM.

You can try if the paper clip works. Bridge terminal # 4 and # 9 to see if it works.

Air bag is not related to the PCM and when the air system fails, the engine should perform as normal, only nuisance would be the airbag indicator light staying on all the time.

The PCM( ECU ) should self check for only 2 seconds and you mentioned 30 seconds meaning a fault is ever present.
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Thursday, December 31st, 2009 AT 11:55 AM
I today installed the airbags & seatbelts with pre-tensioners, & hooked up the NEWER airbag ecu I bought, With the airbag kit!

The SRS lights still on, & YES your right, the cars still in Limp mode!

YES in the 30 seconds the Check Engine Light flickers with the sound of some relays, Once the fault is not resurected the Check engine light comes on intermittantly, & its then the car goes into limpmode!

Do you think the AIRBAG ECU & CAR ECU have to be programmed to each other?

(I have my old airbag ecu with crash data stored, I suppose I could have that cleared of its errors & re-use that to see it clears the srs light? As it should already be programmed to my car?)
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