1994 Honda Civic

  • 1994 HONDA CIVIC
Engine Performance problem
1994 Honda Civic 4 cyl Manual 217000 miles

whenever I turn my 1994 honda civic dx off; then when I go to start it back up it sometimes will not start or it will start then cut out. It will cut out like if you have the car in 1st gear and let off the cluth I let the car sit for a few minutes and it will start back up. I recently replaced the starter and I had the battery and alternator check out and that is not the problem.
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Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 AT 11:35 AM

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Hey friend, I had some problems with my 92 civic DX
too. some months ago. I am not mechanic but I did my research and I have some knowledge.

and the same stuff that you described has happened to me during that time. I also thought it was was the starter or the battery but I did my checking and they weren't. get a voltmeter and check for current.

I did some research and I found that my main relay was bad. ( lets say you go to the store for like 5 minutes, then come out but the honda doesn't start. when you are turning the car up. try to tap the main relay to cause vibrations on it. and see if that car starts, then if it does, take out the main relay and follow the instructions on this website http://www.2carpros.com/articles/mitchell1eautorepair-car-repair-manuals
also, try checking for the 3 click rule.
when you turn the key to -start you should hear 1 click, then you should hear the fuel pump running, and at the same time it stops running you should hear another click. and the third click should be hear after you start the car.

if you do not hear the first or second click then it is problably the relay.

and even if it is not then you should resolder it anyways because it is a common problem with the civics and is likely to fail sooner or later.

check the website that I gave you and check all the info. (soldering the relay is easy,( I did it with a 1 dollar solder iron) just focus on the job.

and if you mess it up then you can buy one off ebay for like 8 bucks. after I re-soldered it my car starts everytime.
let me know if it fixes your problem.

good luck.
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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 AT 7:40 PM

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