2004 Honda City Struggling Power Windows

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Electrical problem
2004 Honda City 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 38000 miles


I hope someone can PLEASE help me rectify this problem as I am totally annoyed now.

You will find that I will dramatize some situation. Only for effect so please bare with me.

I pulled up at a fast food place in my 2004 Honda City in late December of 2008. I pressed the down button and the window went down automatically. While I placed my order, I quickly press up to conserve on the ac when all of a sudden the window started to dance.

I press up. It goes partially up (about an inch) then goes down. I tried this about 10 times. And the window continued to dance. I finally tried a game called catch the window which I succeeded on the 12th try. I press the up button, quickly catch the window with my fingers and help the window to go up.

Now being an engineer myself, I figured that the driver side power window(and all power windows) has a sensing system which detects an obstruction. If the obstruction persists, the window automatically returns to its original state( by going down. On the driver side or automatic side only).

I poured a little oil in the window groove and walla. The window works. Going up and down (even faster than usual) when commanded to. You know the saying that 'it doesn't rain but it pours'. All of a sudden, the window's brother ( the front left window) started to struggle when going up. Going down is not a problem. It came to point where the window completely stop. I did the same oil thing and both windows worked fine.

I decided to pull off both front door covering and grease the window grooves. Both windows worked perfectly fine. But I knew something was wrong because

1. I could smell grease
2. The windows seemed greasy

I said to myself that power windows should not be greased as I've never seen a power window with grease on the edges. Anyway. The windows worked fine .'For a time'.

I learned the hard way that power window grooves must not be oiled or greased (lubricated) because dust will mix with it and create a cake paste which makes the situation even worse. Of course one window struggled and stopped while the other dance all the time.

I decided to 'clean' the grooves. The situation improved but for some strange reason the windows struggle and dance when come nights or when its cold.

I studied the power window mechanism in the left window carefully. I realise that there may be a mechanical issue as when the window goes down. It does so straight but goig up, it leans hence pushes agains the groove. I adjusted the window mechanism and cleaned the grooves again. And the window works fine now. I analysed the driver side but see no problem. The window does not need adjusting and I'm sure the motor is ok. At least in my eyes.

What can I do to solve driver side power window?

It is very embarrassing when you roll down the window. Only find out each time you press up, it goes up, then goes further down.

I cant take it no more.

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, February 2nd, 2009 AT 3:02 PM

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