95 Accord V6 A/C cold and then warm


The car has 173,000 miles. Of course, it's a six cylinder engine.

The a/c was repaired exactly a year ago, fixed leaks, replaced seals (o-rings?) And evaporator coil, and expansion valve. The a/c has been malfunctioning for a couple of months--it blows icy cold, and then will blow warm and rather humid air. It will blow warm for a while and then gets cold again and repeats the process.

Hubby took it to dealership on Saturday, and they fiddled with it for 8 hours and replaced the same dang seals and expansion valve. They also said it was overcharged and they thought it was freezing up so they discharged some refrigerant. At first, they told him the evap coil usually needed replacing at this mileage--to which he responded that it was less than a year old.

Long story short, it's not fixed--in fact, now it cycles cold and warm even faster, and I feel like I've been taken for a ride by mechanics who are seriously guessing (their other guess was that it was an after market radiator's fault--a radiator that has been in the car for eight months with the a/c working properly).

I'm really frustrated now, as their excuse now is that another place worked on the car and used after market parts, so they had to check every little thing and drive it around. Also, it was an intermittent problem, so they couldn't get it to malfunction all the time. My issue is they replaced seals (orings) and an expansion valve to fix it, and it's not fixed, nor was it ever said that there was a leak or what was wrong with it or if it was malfunctioning. In my mind, eight hours should be enough to figure something out or say that you can't figure it out. Because of the original knee jerk coil comment (without checking to see if it was leaking refrigerant), and the installation of the other stuff without a fix or an explanation, it looks to me like they are guessing. That may not be the case at all, but that is how it appears. And I'm good and hot now because I've wasted a whole other day waiting because I MUST have a loaner (it's my only car), and they promised me one today, and then give me excuses about the general manager and other service personnel loaning out the available cars. If one more person suggests to me that all the after market parts are faulty without showing me it's so or testing them, I will blow a fuse myself. We went to the dealership because we wanted the work done correctly and we needed it done on a weekend to avoid having to take off work or ask someone else to drive us around.

I need some guidance so I am not walking in blind. If I am barking up the wrong tree, tell me, but I sense the big run around here, and I've got six hundred bucks of work and nothing to show for it. The compressor was recalled and replaced by the original owner, so it's not very likely that it's that, at least in my mind. Help? Pretty please, even?

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, June 10th, 2007 AT 5:25 PM

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