1998 Honda Accord



October, 17, 2008 AT 12:28 AM

Noises problem
1998 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 125000 miles

My accord EX is in great shape for the most part but I am experiencing problems with the oil burning down quickly, usually about every 1000 miles I have to get it topped off with 3-4 quarts. Brakes were replaced only about a year and 25k miles ago. I also have the brake light coming on and off frequently based on whether I push the brake or not. But it will come and go regardless of that too.

I am experiencing a rumbling noise that fluctuates based on when im turning and how fast i'm going. It's slower when i'm driving slower and less noticeble and clanky when im driving faster. If I keep it absolutely straight it seems to quiet down. Obviously I dont know what it sounds like on the passenger side but on the driver side I can feel it vibrate through my pedals and it seems to come from the far left wheel.

I've read some info about it possibly being related to wheel bearings, CV joints, axel shafts and sychro bearing inside the transmission. Does any of this make sense, i'm not too clear on anything and just relaying information i've found.

Haven't taken it in yet because i'm afraid of what i'm going to find out. It's been doing this for a few weeks now.


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October, 17, 2008 AT 7:51 AM

I would be more concerned about the oil consumption to be honest. You are either leaking oil or burning it. Perform a compression test on the cylinders. Do not let the oil get down 3-4 quarts, check it more often.

Raise the vehicle, put on stands. Grasp the wheel and push/pull both horizontally and vertically.
If there is any play it could be the bearings, ball joints, tie rods.

Inspect the CV boots for rips and tears and grease leaking, that is how they usually fail. If you find any, you will have to replace the CV axle.

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