1997 Honda Accord ABS light

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Brakes problem
1997 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 70,500 miles

Hi, I recently bought a used 1997 Honda Accord. Even during the test drive the ABS light has remained on ALL the time. I contacted the dealership mechanic who told me that the light is supposed to go off short after starting it. When I explained that htis light never goes off but has been on since before I even purchased the car he told me that technically it should go off but it's not a big deal that it doesn't. He further advised me that the ABS light will not affect my breaks and that it's probably jut a glitch. I'm wondering if this is valid advise or if it's something I should have looked at sooner rather than later. I had thought the light being on meant that the ABS was in working oder. Now I can't help but wonder if it's faulty all together and when I'll finally need my ABS hey won't funciton. Please let me know what you think I should do.


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Saturday, August 16th, 2008 AT 3:10 PM

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Hi mp530,

When the ABS indicator light is showing, it means the ABS Control unit has detected a fault in the ABS system and has now cut it off and would not be functioning.

The idiot who told you that it was no big deal needs a piece of my mind as his is ony the size of a peanut.

Get it scanned to find out what is causing the fault and post exact code here so we can get to rectifying it.

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Saturday, August 16th, 2008 AT 8:44 PM

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