1996 Honda Accord Power locks lock & unlock on their ow

Electrical problem
1996 Honda Accord Engine Size unknown Front Wheel Drive Automatic 175000 miles

My '96 Honda Accord seems to be posessed. When I first got the car about 18 months ago, I had to replace the lock motor in the driver's side door. Just 6 months ago, the rear driver's side door started malfunctioning in the same way, but I've yet to fix it since I rarely use that door. Well the other day, I started driving the car and the locks just started locking & unlocking on their own. Or at least trying to. Sometimes it happens so fast that it doesn't have time to fully unlock before it locks itself again. Mind you, this is while I'm not pressing any buttons. Sometimes it happens just once every ten mins. And sometimes it's 20 times in one min. Yesterday when I would press the lock/unlock button on the car door, the locks wouldn't move, nor would they even make a sound. Yet today, they attempt to lock, but yet won't do anything when pushing up to lock them.

I also have an alarm on the car, and when I press the button to unarm the car & unlock the doors, it does one of two things. It sometimes attempts to unlock the doors and fails, or it doesn't even attempt to unlock them at all. Either way, I end up having to use the key to manually unlock it.

The car can even be sitting by itself, while either running or not, and it locks & unlocks itself. So I either have to make sure I have a window down or my spare key on me so I don't get locked out.

We've checked the fuses and they're fine. The only thing that was recently done to the car was last week when we took off the driver's side door panel to spray some silicone lubricant on the tracking for the window to make it work better.

Everyone telling me something different when it comes to fixing this problem! I'd like your opinion!
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Saturday, February 9th, 2008 AT 10:48 PM

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I also have a 96 accord and am having door lock problems. I can hear the doors lock. Unlock driving on the interstate, sometimes several times in a row! My right door buzzes kinda loud when it locks, and I can hear it doing this when sitting in the driveway by itself!

I have found that Honda changed the door lock/unlock controller mounted in the driver's door starting in 1996. I suspect the first version has some problems. I plan on simply replacing this module to see if it solves my problems. I also have a question about it in here, but because I offered no money, I don't expect an answer. I see you didn't get one! I think the money would be better spent on a new power lock controller. It is mounted in the driver's door, and looks easy to replace. I'm going to see if Autozone offers them for replacement tomorrow. This one seems to be missing from Ebay motors. Must be a popular item!

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Sunday, October 19th, 2008 AT 2:03 AM

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