1996 Honda Accord Power Door Locks


Electrical problem
1996 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 180K miles

This Accord has done this since we bought it used, but would like to fix it. I had the left front door apart to replace the power window regulator (broken plastic), and noticed that the "power door lock controller" is a easily replaced module in this same door. My problem is when you lock the doors, the right front door makes a loud buzzing sound, like the solenoid is being supplied ac or pulsed dc instead of the dc I would expect to normally be supplied a car door lock solenoid. Also, it has the further symptom in that it likes to lock the doors when it is not told to do so. You can be riding down the road or it can be sitting in the driveway with nobody around, and you can hear it locking the doors, because that right front door lock solenoid makes that loud buzz announcing it is locking! Sometimes it does it several times in a row! Should I just replace the "power door lock controller module" or worry about there being something wrong with the right front door lock solenoid, as it is what is making the noise? If it didn't make this noise, you would never know it was even doing this, as the other lock solenois are very quiet. But I can't see a problem with the solenoid itself causing the doors to lock when they have not been told to.

Do you
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Saturday, October 18th, 2008 AT 10:44 PM

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