1996 Honda Accord Old Faithful needs a New Timing Belt


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1996 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 148000 miles

Hi guys, first of all, pleasure to be a new member of the forum.

I'm getting the timing belt done on my 1996 Accord LX, and I have a few questions about parts, and where to shop. I won't be doing the install myself, but I do need to buy ALL necessary parts for my mechanic.

1. When changing out the timing belt, I understand a few things get done like replacing the water pump. I heard a few other things need to be done too but I don't know the exact technical terms, I believe it's along the lines of crank shaft, or cam seals (don't know if that even makes sense). Anyway, that's my first question, what parts do I need to buy for my mechanic when performing a timing belt change?

2. Is it best to buy online? If so, what are the best online stores to buy these specific parts from?

All other advice on purchasing parts or anything would be greatly appreciated!


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I would purchase the following:

Timing belt, water pump, coolant, balance shaft belt, timing belt tensioner, accessory belts (if they haven't been changed recently) and camshaft and crankshaft seals.

In my opinion, the seals should only be replaced if they are leaking. But every mechanic has their own opinion on that.

For parts, I prefer purchasing them locally. That way if you have a problem with the parts, it'll be easy to swap them for the proper parts.

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