1990 Honda Accord



May, 18, 2006 AT 9:02 PM

My 1990 Honda Accord has been a great car. But recently I have been having a serious problem with the engine seemingly trying to shake out of the car when accelerating on a hill. I have looked into suspension and/or steering problems and have replaced many different items that probably needed replacing but still have not fixed the problem.
Some time ago I had this problem (in a lesser degree) and replaced the fuel filter. The problem did not go away immediately but did seem to stop after a week or so.
Is it possible that the fuel pressure regulator is not functioning properly and starving the engine of fuel causing the shaking problem? Fuel pump maybe?
Any one have any experience that could help?

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Bruce Hunt

May, 23, 2006 AT 11:59 AM

Although fuel could be a factor, have you looked to see how your engine motor mounts are holding up?

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