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Engine Mechanical problem
2005 Holden Ute V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 70, ooo miles

hey there, I have a 2004-2005 hsv r8 maloo ute 6 speed manual 6.0 litre rear wheel drive ute, a ls2 stock.297 kw. I bought my car new 65, ooo$, any way at around 10,000 -15,000 km it was put on a oil consumption test because it was using more than 50% oil within 10,000km. The car failed oil test then hsv put oversized pistons and new set of rings. Finally I thought it was fixed, around another 10,000 or so still using oil and leaks anywhere. Any way the car went in again things were done and a set of new rings were put in, still in short period same thing happend took the car back to hsv and they fully stripped engine and found botom end causing the problem the crank. The engine was removed and sent away because hsv do not have the equipment for such tasks. So through this time my km still low around 50,000 and so many problems, now at 70,000 my motor is making a knocking, hsv said the motor has been damaged from lack of oil and internal damage has ocured. They told me be to exspensive to rebuild and the blocks are made out of aluminiumn so there chuck away except for a few parts attached, ive quoted a 6.2 litre crate engine from eagle auto $5000 then $2000 for the install give me some ideas im not that mechanicaly sound sound and dont trust anybody, ive been screwed over by hsv crap but what should I do, whats the cheapest way whats the right way? Cheers

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Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 AT 1:37 PM

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