2000 Holden Calais my 20" rims are wearing the inside

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Tires and Wheels problem
2000 Holden Calais 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

i own a VX Calais Supercharged 2000 model, purchased the car 9 months ago it had 17" vt clubsport rims on it, I then orded a brand new set of Avanti racing rims 20" and tyres and had the tyre place put them on. Everythings was great! The rims are hot! Then last week I had friends take my wheels off so we can paint my brake callipers "race red" and then we discovered my wheels- both back ones are serverley worn just on the inside about half an inch-its bald there but the rest of the tyre is brand new no ware at all. Also on the inside of the tyre where it is worn the tyre is begining to crack one huge crack in one tyre, and the other is going to do the same. The tyres and rims are only 6 months old, I need to know what adjustments or whatever it may be, I need do to my calais to get the back wheels to sit evenly, therefore ware evenly on the road? Please help!

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Monday, September 27th, 2010 AT 3:47 AM

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