Headlight issue- starting to get worried

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I am not a mechanic, as my dad said- just a parts replacer-

I have a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis Park Colony wagon, 5.0 L AOD trans.

Problem- The headlights didnt work the other morning. So I had to drive holding the highbeam switch on, and that broke. When I put the highbeam on, all 4 headlamps go on. When off, none. Even with headlight switch pulled out I have nothing. So I replaced both the headlight switch on dash, the headlight relay behind it, and the turnsignal/highbeam switch on the steering column. (100.00) A few problems were resolved. The turn signal switch is great. The headlight switch timer works and the side marking lights and parking lights go out after a few minutes. I still do not have low beams unless I put the high beam switch on and make all 4 come on.


I have no idea at this point what to do. I have tested all my fuses in the dashboard fuse box. IS there some other fuse somewhere?

I have light tested the headlight sockets. With the headlight switch in the on position: The lowbeams (highbeam switch off) does not light, the lowbeams (highbeam switch on) do light. That is the extent of my problem. I have no idea what else it could be. One recommendation is that the harness that snaps into the headlamp switch could be corroded. The other thing is there could be a short after the harness. If you have any suggestions, please please please feel free to share. I am really at my wits end with this after spending 12 hours and a hundred bucks.

Thanks- Mike
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Friday, April 26th, 2013 AT 9:26 PM

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Turn the headlights on use a test light at the headlight bulb connectors? If no check at the dimmer switch on the steering column. Are you getting power to the switch and When you change from high to low beams does the power to change to the other wires properly? Stop making this a money pit. This is an electrical problem. Let me know if you done this already.
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Friday, April 26th, 2013 AT 10:01 PM

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