1997 GMC Sonoma no headlights: highbeams or lo-beams and ta

  • 1997 GMC SONOMA

Electrical problem
1997 GMC Sonoma 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 257000 miles

so ive had many issues with this truck since I bought it theres even a whole story behind it, but I wont get into that. This is my first vehicle and im still a student so dont have much money so cant sell it(actually cant sell it cause the firewall is rusted through and cant be safetied again). After I first got it I noticed a buzzing in the dash on the passenger side and when it would stop my headlights would turn off and I would just have running lights. At first just turning off my lights then turning them on again would fix it but after a while that stopped working so now ive got no headlights just running lights. Also my tail light shorted out some time ago as my friend had told me I had never noticed, but its actually melted my tail light so I have no rear signal, brake light, or reverse light. I would love to solve this by myself since I have no money to take it into a shop and am $3000 in debt for fixing it already to my parents so I cant borrow money to take it in. Also I just broke my femur so am not working atm and have a tonne of time on my hands any help is greatly appreciated.

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Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 AT 9:27 PM

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