GMC Safari


Nancy Meier

May, 13, 2007 AT 3:15 PM

We have a 2000 GMC Safari (130,000 miles) engine is 4.3 liter. The tail lights and rear break lights continually go out. We have replaced the fuses and then it may work for a couple of days but once again goes back out. We have taken it in twice to an electrical car repair shop to the tune of over $300 but they cannot find the problem and just want us to bring it back for longer (and more expensive) visits. We can use the 4 ways. Any ideas?


1 Answer



May, 14, 2007 AT 8:11 AM

Its blowing the tail light fuse? Brake light fuse? Do the turn siganls work properly? Need to check all grounds for good contact. Remove th et-light assemblies and visually inspect them for melted connectors/plugs, damaged/pinched wires

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