Major Malfunction '99 TA

  • 1999 GMC

I've been tirelessly scanning the internet for a solution to a problem I encountered today. I really hope you guys can help because I'm really getting pissed. Anyway, I have a 1999 trans am and have just done a major makeover on the stereo system including a new Rockford 5002 amp pushing a 10" power punch DVC, installed new Rockford T1 components in the front doors pushed by a new Punch 2002 and all being supplied by a new 1 farad capacitor 4 ga. Power wire to a fused power distribution block feeding each amp with 8 ga. After installing above equipment I took it for a ride. About 3 miles down the road all of the gages went crazy and acted like the power was cut off for a split second then returned to normal! I immediately pulled over and opened the circuit breaker that fed the whole system and went about my business intending to look at it later. On my way back to my house the same thing happened. When I got back to my garage I made sure all the connections were secure then checked and double checked EVERYTHING. Not finding anything wrong I closed the circuit and tried to replicate what happened on the road while the car was parked. Nothing happened. So I turn the car off then grab something to eat while I thought about it. I finally go back out and the car is dead and wont even jump start. Advised by a friend I check the fuses and find nothing. Then when I got done I looked up to notice the interior lights were on. Then it cranked right up. I let it run for awhile and noticed no change in the battery voltage, no whine from the alternator, nothing. Deciding to see if I would encounter the problem again while in gear I tap the brakes and what do you know the gages act up again.

Please help. As the owner of a new car audio shop if you find the solution I'll be sure to hook you up!


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Sunday, January 15th, 2006 AT 5:33 AM

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