Engine tick when engine gets warm - not when it's cold

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I have a 99 Chev Cavilier z24 2.4L DOHC with 150243km that has a engine tick. In Feb 2005 (had 117000km the timing chain blew and I had it replaced, during this repair they found (I beleive they damaged) a piston with a chunk out of it. During the repair they replaced the piston, rings, machined the head, replaced the Crank and all related gaskets, seals etc. It has run fine up until a month ago when a few days after the oil was changed it developed a slight not really noticeable tick at idle when it was warm. Since then it has gotten somewhat worse. By somewhat I mean it only really ticks when the engine is warm. When it is cold, first start to the day, or if it's cold outside it only has a very slight tick almost unnoticeable. As soon as the engine gets warm (about 20 minutes of driving) the engine has a very loud tick tick tick that accelerates with the engine until you can no longer hear it at about 2000rpm. I've tried adding additives that remove gunk from the lifters, and supplements to fill up any head gaps (was suggested by a mechanic that doesn't alot about engines - does front ends) I'm tired of the tick and at this point if the tick is going to be fatal for the engine I am not going to pour any more cash into it - I'll drive it till it blows but I'd rather fix it if it's not going to cost me more then a few bucks. It's almost like the wrong oil is in it but I watched the service guy pour 5w30 into it. As long as the oil is cold and thick it doesn't tick, I don't understand it. Normally I'd expect it to be the other way - not enough oil until it gets warm and it ticks? This is frustrating.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Thursday, April 27th, 2006 AT 3:40 PM

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