Buick, Lesabre, 1993, 119,000 miles: Camshaft Position Senso

  • 1993 GMC

Buick, LeSabre, 1993, 119,000 miles: Camshaft Position Sensor trouble codes 31 & 41. Before I replace the camshaft position sensor, I wanted to know if this sensor failure is indicative of a worn or sloppy timing chain. There do not seem to be any drivability issues, and the engine still runs like new.

Are there any particular trouble signs that may be indicative of this sensor fault?

Is the failure of this sensor indicative of any particular problem other than normal wear and tear on the sensor?

I also have a trouble code 21 indicating high voltage on the throttle position sensor. I replaced this sensor about three years, and 20,000 miles ago, presuming that the previous failure was associated with a coolant leak from the thermostat gasket that sprayed hot coolant on the sensor linkage. When I replaced the TPS sensor I checked with the Buick service department regarding adjusting the signal voltage upon replacement. They advised me that they just replace the sensor, and do not make position adjustments. What is the correct output voltage from this sensor @ closed throttle, and/or wide open throttle?

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006 AT 5:32 PM

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