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Hey, I had that last problem with the brakes pulsating. Well the car took it to a new level the last two nights and resulted in a accident.

The first night I came around a corner on my road ( which has a lot of nasty turns) well one was ice coated. I saw it coming so I didnt panic ( too much experience with accidents to panic) I just moved into the oncoming lane where the ice wasn't, and depressed the brake pedal. Well. It didnt work as well as I hoped. The ass end swung around, which because I didnt have my belt on caused me to jerk the steering wheel. Well that wasnt too bad the car did go where I wanted it to go, unfortunetly where I jerked it wasnt where I wanted it to go. So I saw the car going for this rock embankment that would have 100% totalled the car. So I finally slammed the brakes. Then the light came on and started dinging at me. Well let me tell you that didnt work out well. I ended up doing uncontrollable 360s and finally came to a stop in the total opposite direction. In the end I was laughing and said to myself " shit that was SWEET" All the times I try to get the car to lose control in parking lots, in ice or deep snow, andi t doesnt. It always seems to go where I want it go. Brake easily. Even with the stabilitrak and traction assist turned off it still doesnt lose it. So doing that was AWESOME.

Now. I called the dealer and asked him what that light means, and he told me when that light is flashing you no longer have ABS you now have LOCK brakes, and you have to be careful slammed lock brakes.

Well the next night, I come around a corner doing 65 maybe even more. 3:32 EXACTLY in the morning, and the corner had a coat of sand on the right side. My right front tire started sliding off into the dirt, all I did was push the brake down. And it wasnt helping so I pushed the brake all the way to the floor and slightly turned the car. That light came on again. The car did a half 360 and slide sideways OFF the road, and took out a warning sign and ended in a muddy ditch. So I managed to get the car out of the mud, went home. The car has a smashed headlight and the right front panel has a perfect crease from the sign. The sign is completely down. The fender is torn off. Its like a little over $1000 damage once all is said and done.

They claim the reason the car was so bad is because it lost ABS and all four wheels locked up, so we took a drive to go see if rubber was on the road as it should be with lock brakes. Sure enough there is thick tread in the exact path I went off the road.

So anyways after that epic is done my question is.
Would bad rotars have to do with losing ABS? Bad pads? Or what. What could be wrong that is turning my brakes into LOCK brakes anytime I slam them?

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 AT 6:30 PM

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