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Heater problem
1998 Other GMC Models V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 160000 miles

I have a 1998 surburban. I got the truck from my dad who lives in Florida. We live in Michigan. Before we drove it up here (2 wks ago) we got the radiator replaced. We previously knew that the air conditioning doesnt work. Hasn't in years. Since the truck was in Fl for years, the heat was never used much, only when he would come up to visit. When we drove up and started using the heat, it smelled funny. Only when it was on "heat". It smelled burnt. No smoke was seen anywhere just the smell. But the heat worked. Last week we warmed up the truck and the heat worked fine. We went to drive it and the rear air (seperate controler) was blowing cold. The front heat still worked. The next day there was heat when we warmed it up then as soon as we started driving, it went cold (in the front, still no heat in back). So we decided that it might be the thermostat, so my husband replaced it this am. He test drove it and there was heat. I went to go somewhere this afternoon and again NO heat. It was blowing but cold air was coming out. So I decided to shut it off and when the truck stopped I tried it again and there was no air coming out at all. It didnt sound like the blower even came on, front or back. I called my dad and he suggested a damper was closed or the radiator fluid was low. He also suggested to get a chiltons manual and start trouble-checking everything. I wanted a more personal opinion on it. Where should we start? My husband is pretty handy with cars/trucks but he doesnt know much about the heating/air systems. Also the check engine light came on over a wk ago but we went to have it checked and the plug that the computer plugs into is broken on our truck so we couldnt check it out. We need heat, its too cold for our kids in the car. Also the heater core isnt leaking (we had one go bad in an old blazer and only knew from the leaking fluid on the floor board, but there is nothing with this one)Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Monday, January 21st, 2008 AT 1:42 PM

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