1998 GMC



January, 17, 2006 AT 5:37 AM

Has anybody had problems with the rear brakes locking up at slow speeds (5-15mph), before the brakes have 'warmed up'? The problem is most noticible after it has rained and when its cold outside.

When driving through my parking lot in the mornings, the slightest tap on the brakes causes the rears to lock up and lay down some rubber. The problem gets better after dragging for 100 feet or so, and stopping at a few traffic lights.

I've taken it to 2 dealerships and they havn't been able to re-create the problem (go figure).

The front brakes are brand new, and the rear (drum) linings are still in good shape. The first dealer was clueless, and the second cleaned and adjusted the rear shoes, but the problem occurred the next day.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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