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1996 Other GMC Models V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 120 miles

I have been wondering about the local garage that uses one hydrualic jack to lift the rear of the vehicle when doing tire rotations and re-balancing. They continuously put the jack under the center differential and lift the car. I have asked them to desist but with turnover and a stubborn shop manager who knows everything it is difficult to leave the unit on site.
I have read somewhere that if the darn differential was meant to be used to jack up the vehicle then GM would put a big sign on it to do so In the meantime they show in the manual where to jack the rear axle and it is under the springs or frame. I am convinced from having trouble with a previous suburban rear axle (a clunk when I started out) serviced by the same garage that even though they say it is ok for "little while" in their shop, it isn;t long before you are back having axle work done because they have stretched or compressed the seals (on the tubes and pinion) but also stressed the gears and pins inside the diff causing a slight clearance changes that show up later. May not be much of an issue wiht a pick up truck if unloaded, but suburbans are never unloaded. Can you comment on what the axle manufacturer says about jacking a rear differential on a heavy vehicle? I would like to show it to the garage so I can educate the service manager so to speak.

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Thursday, September 4th, 2008 AT 4:59 PM

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