1989 GMC


Ed Romero

August, 27, 2008 AT 2:07 PM

Brakes problem
1989 Other GMC Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 150, 00 miles

recentely I had the left front brake caliper replaced but it rubbed the inside of the wheel. The original brake shop stated that it was installed correctely and the proper caliper was installed. I went to another brake shop and was told that there were two different calipers, a hydro something, for that year and model van, and the reason it was rubbing was because the caliper was 4mm larger than the other. I called the parts house and they stated that there is only one caliper for that year and make. And there was no responsibility on their part. Can you tell me who is right? I am running the spare now because it does not rub.
Thanking you in advance

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