Cruise Control Acting up on 1992 GMC k2500

  • 1992 GMC C2500

1. Make and Model of your car
1992 GMC - K2500 3/4 ton, 5.7L V8

2. Include the mileage

3. Stick shift or automatic transmission

4. 2 or 4 wheel drive
4 wheel drive

5. Strange sounds
Nothing that relates

6. Fluid leaks
Power steering / oil / something from engine, (mechanic says its power steering)

7. Past repair history if applicable
Replaced engine 2 years ago, only has aprox 60 on reconditioned engine. (New engine 94 Chevy model)
Tune up, oil change, car stereo placed in, (wires were changed/disconnected to gauges) within past 2 months.

Problem: The truck drives fine and the speedometer works as long as cruise is not engaged, but when I turn the cruise on, the lowest it will go is the speed I set it to, (or the speed of the truck), however, it will move up toward 80-85 when the truck gives gas to the engine. (I.E. When the cruise gives more throttle to the truck when going up a hill, or when I manually press on the accelerator), it seems to move upward with the amount of throttle movement. (I.E. It moves higher if I push the accelerator down farther), Also, if I just let it cruise, it will jump around, going from what ever I set it at, 60, 65, or 70, and will spike up to 80-85, or so, every so often. It also doesn't read the speed correctly because of this.

The “new” speed shown by the speedometer is not the current speed of the truck, as I know its not jumping 10-15 mph in a split second. Mostly it is jumping, but when I manually press the accelerator down, it will remain at a constant position, (although way above where the actual speed of the truck is.)

The cruise was working fine just a few weeks ago, but noticed that this was happening today, just after having the tire store change the front two tires for me. I doubt that this was what caused it, however, I have not driven the truck much, maybe 30 miles tops, and had no other work done since knowing that it was working fine a few weeks ago.

Other notes are that the only things different are 1), new tires, 2), new battery, 3), I left the battery disconnected for a while because I thought something was draining it. But soon forgot to disconnect it and found that it sat for a week without draining battery just fine, so my old battery just died, so I leave it connected now.
Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,


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